Q4- Oct- Dec

This section consists Newsletters for the months,

October 2014 edition has the following posts

  1. Singapore now to be the International Search Authority
  2. India and US- IP team
  3. European Union- Protection Scheme
  4. Steaming Basmati Rice…
  5. IP Trends at IPO

Nov issue has following news Items

  1. IIT students to get help from Ericsson to develop patents
  2. An Air filled umbrella
  3. Pfizer wins patent for Voriconazole in India
  4. A device to Communicate with your Dog
  5. Indian Government to fund young techies
  6. Indians develop more effective MRI
  7. New European Unity Rules Effective from November
  8. LG, Google ink 10-year patent deal
  9. Patent Grant Trends

December issue has following news Items:

  1. Dr Reddy Launches Anti-Cancer Injection in US. 
  2. DU to set up Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre. 
  3. Indian Government bans import and sale of Xiaomi devices. 
  4. Indian company receives US patent for Alzheimer treating medication. 
  5. Row over KSRTC Trademark. 
  6. AbbVie sings agreement and adds children’s AIDS drugs to shared patent pool 
  7. Pirate Bay down as servers seized in Swedish police intellectual property raid. 
  8. Google Shuts Down Google News In Spain In Response To New Spanish Intellectual Property Law
  9. Patent Trends 

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