iVoice v/s iPhone

iFonTamil Nadu-based iVoice Enterprises has filed a modification petition with the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), challenging the famous iPhone trademark, belonging to the US-based Apple Inc.

A company statement said, that the company which is engaged in Intellectual Property Rights and mobile applications with primary emphasis in the domestic market, seeks to remove “iPhone” trademark from the Trademark Registry in India.

iVoice has acquired the IP rights of a pending trademark application for IFON, Logo (TM-1556676 in Class 9) from iVoice Enterprises and title transfer pertaining to rectification petition is pending before IPAB.

The Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Chennai, will conduct a hearing next week on the admissibility of the counter statement filed by Apple in defending iPhone trade market for appellate board records, the statement said.

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