Dynamic Trademark Utility

“Dynamic Trademark Utility” tool was first launched by Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) on November 01, 2013 which enabled the general public to see the following details with respect to a trademark on real time basis, by selecting the desired detail and month and year within which they want the search to be conducted.

  • Examination of Trademark Applications
  • Show Cause Hearings
  • Publications in Trademark Journals
  • Registration of Trademarks
  • Other Disposals
  • Notices Generated
  • International Application Designated India

Screen Shot 1






On May 20, 2014 CGPDTM upgraded the existing tool and launched a Stock and Flow based Dynamic Trademark Utility tool which provides the applicants/stakeholders with the facility to view various details on real time basis with respect to Trademark application, namely:

• New Application Received
• Awaiting Application
• Under Examination
• Post Examination
• Under Show Cause Hearing
• Published and Awaiting Opposition
• Under Opposition
• Under Registration Process
• Registered

The upgraded tool provides the user to restrict the search result based on Stock as on Date or Flow of Stock within a Period and besides this the tool also equips the user to view the search result either in detail or in summary thereby allowing the user to conduct a narrow search.

Other advantages of Dynamic Trademark Utility tool are:

• It is more reliable than other free search databases as it is updated in real time by CGPDTM.
• It allows the user to keep track of their application and at the same time they can also look for marks similar to their mark.

Screen shot 2









By Apoorv Pareek

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