Q3- July to Sept

This section consists Newsletters for the months,

July 2014 edition has the following columns:

  1. Acquisitions-
    1. Patent Freedom acquired by RPX Corporation
    2. PatentCore acquired by Lexis Nexis.
  2. Book in IPR
  3. Cannon + Microsoft = Patent Licensing
  4. IPO rejects Abraxis BioSciences’ patent claim
  5. New Patent Prosecution Highway between the UK and China
  7. Patent Grant Trends
  8. Design Patent Grant Trends
  9. Designs Trends

August 2014 edition has the following posts:

  1. Bombay HC Upholds Natco’s Compulsory License
  2. GI to Warlis paintings
  3. Patent for Identifying a Device during Online Transaction.
  4. Patent Litigation
  5. Patent Grant Trends for the Month of July
  6. Design Protection Trends

September 2014 edition has the following posts

  1. A device to turn breath into words
  2. Free to download Intellectual Property Casebook.
  3. Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre in Punjab
  4. New payment gateway for e-filing of intellectual property
  5. WEF Global Competitiveness Report
  6. Patent Grant trends
  7. Design patents

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